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About Us

Incircioglu Ltd. is established in Istanbul, Turkey in 1985. We have been producing industrial type radial and axial fans, Hvac units, filtering systems and dust collector systems with utmost diligence. Incircioglu started producing German technology Radial and Axial fans in Turkey since 2008. This enabled us to answer all your Radial and Axial fan needs without any compensation on quality and economy. Our production program is formed by radial fans with a variable performance in air flow volume from 100 m3/h to 600.000 m3/h in the low, average and high pressure area. Depending on our customers’ requirements, radial fans can be produced direct drive , with coupling or with belt drive. 3000 daPa total pressure can be reach with one stage. Higher pressure levels can also be reached with two stage. Standard impeller is made of stainless steel however chrome-nickel or special composition. Impellers can be produced by special request which are put in to service after checking and correcting their dynamic and static balances. If necessary, Incircioglu is also able to produce axial fans in two versions (direct or belt drive) up to a nominal size of 2000 either including a guiding contrivance or not.

Incircioglu 's operations are managed by its 1000 square meter administration and service building in Yenibosna, Istanbul and 8000 square meter manufacturing facilities in Muratlı, Tekirdağ.

We adopted the principle of using latest technology (laser cutting, robot welding etc.), working with experienced personnel and giving the best customer service (with qurantee) to produce dependable and problem free products.

Some of the sectors / industries that Incircircioglu works with are; cement, tile, brick, textile, iron and steel industry, chemical, paint, medicine, furniture, packing, construction, footgear, hospitals, hotels, movie theathers and other comfort sectors etc. in Middle East, Aisa, Europe and Africa.

We will be honoured to serve you with our competitive prices, over 20 years of experience and proffessional approach.


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